Sunday, July 15, 2007

75. Out to Canaan by Jan Karon

Reading Jan Karon's Mitford Series is like good Christian Fellowship. Whether folks in the fictional North Carolina town encounter tragedy or joy they face it with prayer and scripture. Father Tim often reflects on words from favourite hymns or wisdom from Christian theologans like Oswald Chambers Patrick Henry Reardon.
One criticism of the series is that it does not show diversity. There are a few "ethnic" characters: African-American Louella Baxter Marshall; Italians Anna & Tony Nocelli, and Angelo, Leonardo, and Roberto Francesca; Hélène Pringle who has a French background and Ben Isaac Berman who is Jewish. Economic diversity is shown - from Homeless Hobbes to the very wealthy Edith Mallory. How diverse are small towns in North Carolina? In a week or so I'll find out for myself.

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