Wednesday, July 18, 2007

76. A New Song by Jan Karon

ISBN 0140270590 - Penguin, 1999
Father Tim is "supplying" at St John's in the Grove on the island of Whitecap. When he hears about the trouble facing his former parishioners back in Mitford, it's difficult for him not to rush to the rescue. But time and time again, circumstances prevent them from returning home.
We are introduced to two intriguing new characters: Helene Pringle, a piano teacher, who has rented the Kavanagh's Mitford home and Morris Love the brilliant organist who has become a hermit due to his physical disabilities.
Tim wonders whether Cynthia has become too attached to the 3 year old boy they're caring for while his mother recovers from the debilitation depression she suffers after her husband leaves her for another woman.

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